Yodamom Finds her Force

The greatest adventure is what lies ahead.
Today and tomorrow are yet to be said.
The chances, the changes are all yours to make.
The mold of your life is in your hands to break.

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien.

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“Tu n'es rien d'autre que ta vie.”
― Jean-Paul Sartre


"You're nothing but your life."
- Jean Paul Sartre


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A Twisted Dysfunctional Family Tale with Wagging Tails

The Secret Life of Souls: A Novel - Lucky McKee, Jack Ketchum

Holy Dysfunctional Family Nightmare !  Dog people will love this tale of a dog's love and connection to humans.

There are some seriously deplorable characters inside this book. I was so appalled, livid, angry, furious at them I had trouble turning my ming off when I set the book down. The author is a genius in his ability to drive me to the emotional edge. I felt like I'd walked over hot coals but didn't get burned.

Delia, is a child actor, managed by her power hungry mother, overlooked by her spending father, and resented by her twin ignored brother. Caity, her beloved dog is her best friend, confident, and so much more. When a tragedy after tragedy happens there is one soul that is there for her. 

The broken damaged souls twisted my heart into knots. The children, so innocent, or not a product of their world. The dog, loyal, loving and devoted no matter the cost. Her connection to her human deeper than the others. 

After finishing this I went and cuddled my dog and gave him an extra treat, and thanked the gods for dogs. Then I needed a drink, what a story.


This was my first book by Jack Ketchum and it will not be the last.

Thank you NetGalley and Pegasus Books for Gifting it to me for review.


Reading progress update: I've read 90 out of 175 pages.

Better Than New: Lessons I've Learned from Saving Old Homes (and How They Saved Me) - Nicole Curtis

What a piece of work he was. How many women have been bulldozed by overbearing people in their lives and let them crush them ? Where did this amazing fight come from ?

Some Actions Are Too Unforgivable

Nobody's Baby But Mine - Susan Elizabeth Phillips

2.5 stars- audiobook (excellent narration)
Sports, egos and aging, something I can relate too. The sneaky sperm stealing devious action, made me angry. It was nice to read a book about more mature people dealing with age changes. The characters aren't middle aged, but in that between time from after reaching career success and before middle age, the forgotten time. I would have loved it if Jane hadn't done what she did. I had very mixed feelings about this book.
Cal, is a football quarterback who loves his women young fresh and dewy. He refuses to accept the fact that his quarterback days are dwindling and < gasp > he is aging out of his job. He's used and it pissed me off.
Jane is a super brained scientist who desperately wants a child before her eggs dry up. Her background was traumatized by being too smart so she wants the father to be a mentally dimmed person in good health. She's a self centered, person with only her goal in mind. An encounter with a less that scrupulous person leads her into the bed of Cal, the dim witted footballer. This part of the story had me fuming in anger ! After tricking him into bed, she altered the condom so she could steal his sperm. It didn't take the first time so she set's things up to steal from him a second time. Yes, I'm fuming now, this was an unforgivable action.
She becomes pregnant, he finds out, he moves into action. Jane. she acts like she's the injured one in this party. I couldn't have disliked her more, and never warmed up to her. I enjoyed his family, they held this story together for me and were the reason I finished it. Granny, she is just hilarious and tough.
I found the pregnancy thief so disgusting I couldn't get over that to accept the rest of the story.

Just Another Normal Day

Hello Sunday, I've Missed You

Reading progress update: I've read 39 out of 224 pages.

Better Than New: Lessons I've Learned from Saving Old Homes (and How They Saved Me) - Nicole Curtis

I'm a huge fan of her work/show and after reading the first chapter I'm really liking the person

Reading progress update: I've read 86%.

The Secret Life of Souls: A Novel - Lucky McKee, Jack Ketchum

Just when I though this person couldn't get more despicable - I was so wrong


Reading progress update: I've read 85%.

The Secret Life of Souls: A Novel - Lucky McKee, Jack Ketchum

This is one sick, twisted, evil person !

Hello Fall Delights

Reading progress update: I've read 10%.

The Secret Life of Souls: A Novel - Lucky McKee, Jack Ketchum

That doll house is fire wood !! 

Dysfunctional child actor family-oh yeah

Cute adorable dog-Check

Strange connection with cute adorable dog- it appears so


This book grabbed me and has already given me chills 

Fire and Ice

The Immortal's Hunger - Kelli Ireland

 This second book in the series that just keeps getting better. There is more of a cohesion between the characters and their stories. The two main characters are so wonderful together I enjoyed every moment with them. I like my fire mixed with ice.

He is the ice she is the fire, both hunted, both desperate to survive their situations. Together they'll destroy each other or save each other. Centuries of lessons learned are not the only thing standing between them.

Gareth the sexy Irishman assassin is coming to the end of his days. The last book ended with him not being in a good way. He's cold, iced, his powers diminished his days numbered by a selfless act.  he fights for his life even though he doesn't have any real hope.

Ashley, a hot red headed Phoenix is running from her own brand of end of days. Her desire to remain free, drives her to find a man to work out her kinks during a special reproductive time in her life cycle. If she doesn't find help her freedom is gone forever.

The two meet, and fire and ice clash. Steam is the result, hot sexy steam. Gareth has learned some skills over the centuries. Get out your fans for this one.

The other assassins are fabulous, hot hunky, powerful and snarky in all the right places. I feel for Rowan in the first book and fell harder for him in this one. There is a man for every taste in this series.

No where is Rowan's book ?

Reading progress update: I've read 80%.

The Immortal's Hunger - Kelli Ireland

Oh the sharing is never easy and these two...

Reading progress update: I've read 39%.

The Immortal's Hunger - Kelli Ireland

 Holy Hot Flaming Sex !

Not For Me

The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky

Audiobook I dropped this at 50%. It was just okay for me, I couldn't relate the the characters and disliked the format. The narrator was fantastic

Reading progress update: I've read 9%.

The Immortal's Hunger - Kelli Ireland

I have this urge to make some Irish bar joke "What happens when a phoenix and a...walk into a bar?"

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