Yodamom Finds her Force

The greatest adventure is what lies ahead.
Today and tomorrow are yet to be said.
The chances, the changes are all yours to make.
The mold of your life is in your hands to break.

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien.


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“Tu n'es rien d'autre que ta vie.”
― Jean-Paul Sartre


"You're nothing but your life."
- Jean Paul Sartre


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Reading progress update: I've read 136 out of 226 pages.

Hunter's Moon - Dana Stabenow Hugs step EEEKKK and What is up with these Germans ?

I Got So Much More Than I Expected From this

Becoming - Michelle Obama

After listening to Ms Obama's words I had the audio version, I found myself questioning everything I thought I knew as facts, and looking at my own thoughts about the person. She turned out to be someone amazing, with grit, attitude, intelligence, a mother with a drive to make things better for those left in the shadows. She came from the shadows, climbed her way out, never losing sight of her goals or who she was. She faced racism and sexism and held herself above it all even when it cut to the bone. I now admire her and respect what she has done. her work with unseen girls around the world, bravo. If she changed just one girls life, the ripple will move on and she has changed us all.

The woman who was portrayed by the media was a completely different person that the one I met in this book. I admit to disliking the Obama Presidential terms. My family was hit hard by some of the changes and still have not recovered. I hated the first lady because the media sold it to me, news reports influenced me, co workers rants, but racism ? Maybe, I'm not sure. I know I felt it off people around me it might have turned me, I hope not. Hate is a ugly thing and she got a lot of it. I learned a lot from Ms. Obama, one of the most important ones is that I should never trust the media, and when I feel so strongly against someone, look at the whys.

YeeHaw What a Ride

Contagion - Erin Bowman
Funtastic space horror, fun times, so many die, the bodies piled high. Intense action, mystery, and more dead bodies. Don't love any of them, they may be dead on the next page. You have been warned.
Seriously, this was a good read for me. There was never an easy answer to their problems, only run like you're going to die, because you are. LOL I loved reading it, I even read it slow in bits because I needed to step back and reflect (relax) on what I just read. I ordered book 2 before I even finished this one. 


Reading progress update: I've read 378 out of 432 pages.

Contagion - Erin Bowman

My heart- BOOM BOOM BOOM, my adrenaline 100% racing, I can't take it anymore, the intensity the imminent doom..... Squeee, loving it  

Reading progress update: I've read 256 out of 432 pages.

Contagion - Erin Bowman

Holy Shitake this is INTENSE ! I feel like i want to run

Reading progress update: I've read 34 out of 432 pages.

Contagion - Erin Bowman

Okay raise all the danger flags. Danger Danger Will Robinson ! Yeh he never listened . They all know this is a bad choice, something is wrong here. Okay, (rubbing hands ) I am feeling creeped out, a touch of fear, and anxiety. I like it

Read What You Want
Read What You Want

It Takes A Knitting Group To Save A Heiress

Marriage of Inconvenience - Penny Reid

All wrapped up, the couples are happy sated and have wonderful lives. ~Sigh~ I enjoyed all their stories but loved the ones that tied to the Winston brothers the most. I have a thing for those southern boys what can I say.
Kat, the mysterious knitter, she has always been aloof in the group. She has good reason, her parents, oye they are, well it's not good. Tiny Satan, one of her only available family members is just so ARGUH ! Holy shitake this girl has been on the hard pointy side of the rock and a hard place. If you've read along with the series you have seen hints of her lusty feelings for Dan the Security Man, and maybe some of his for her. Do either of them act on them? Hahahahha, no. Oh you wait now, Little Satan does something helpful for once, it's dastardly and underhanded but brings the two together to finally face those feelings. It may be the only good things he's ever done. :D Dan is Smoking hot, Kat is burning for some lovin' but they can't get past first base, why ? Read the book. All I've told you is the tame easy part of the story. Later in the story the whole gang comes together and it's a beautiful thing to read.

I'm Pushing This Into The Friend Zone

Dating-ish - Penny Reid
It's okay for me to love an author's work and not love some of her characters right ? It's feel wrong and I'm internally whining about it. I just don't have the "I want to have coffee with her" feelings for Marie. I need to feel for a character before I cuddle with them or share my coffee time, it's sacred. It's not you it's me Marie, :P. She was so focused on finding alternatives to physical love. so able to distance herself. I never felt the heart tugging struggle for this relationship from her. Matt, it took me a while to warm up to him, but I did. I wanted him to find happiness beyond his lab and cheered him on through all his blunders. ~SIgh~ I still never felt the desperation for them to get together as a couple as I have in previous books.
It all worked out in the end, it always does in Penny Reid books. I already downloaded the next book, Kat's story. There should be some serious Chicka Chicka Boom Boom moments in this one :P. I'm off the the coffee shop to begin their adventure.

Reading progress update: I've read 56%.

Dating-ish - Penny Reid

Cuddle time 

I want a Drew and a Slice of Pie Too

Beauty and the Mustache: A Philisophical Romance (Knitting in the City Book 4) - Penny Reid

If you haven't started these series stop reading here and get to it. These are the best romcoms, filled with fabulous characters, bits of life wisdom and smexy times. So go get started Kitting in the City and the Winton brothers series. The characters mix and mingle so you will want to read both. :P
I love the redneck bearded Winton brother, adore their sister Ashley but Drew stole my heart away from them all. Drew the reluctant poet who sings, cooks, looks like a viking and he's a man of nature. Where do I get one or two of these ? Holy smokes Ms. Reid you are ruining me, how can I ever love another fictional man after Drew ? You have your work cut out for you !!!
The there are the ladies of the knitting club, and a man or two. Amazing women, funny, smart, strong of not but always behind each other. Their friendship is something we should all have in our lives.
The story, this one had a sadness that could have been horrendous to read but it wasn't. The author handled one of the hardest times in life beautifully she had me in tears and smiling at the same time. Death, jerky relations and unspoken feelings, all painful. As in all her books we end with a HEA, phew ! It's a new favorite, I will re-read it.

Reading progress update: I've read 35%.

Beauty and the Mustache: A Philisophical Romance (Knitting in the City Book 4) - Penny Reid

The mother dying is so heavy and sad, still this author finds a way to lighten it and sooth the pain in just the right way. I want a Drew, he's perfection in a fictional man. Omg he can cook and bake too !!! I'll take two Drew's

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Reading progress update: I've read 13%.

Beard with Me (Winston Brothers #5.5) - Penny Reid

Stab to the heart, this is too close to my reality.

The mother is dying. I've dropped ugly tears this morning. I came very close to losing my mother last year. The threat is still shadowing my days. To read about another family going through this - Dark dark cloud

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An Alaskan E Ticket Ride

Breakup - Dana Stabenow

The BreakUp is insane ! Seriously this state goes nuts on speed during breakup in this book. Kate, she is one strong woman I would have just gotten in my truck and driven south. You think you have difficulties, LOL wait till you read about her days. Her story continues, and I've already ordered book #8
I loved this one most so far it hit all my "Woot Woot Love It" buttons and left me wanting to reread it just to experience it again.