Yodamom Finds her Force

The greatest adventure is what lies ahead.
Today and tomorrow are yet to be said.
The chances, the changes are all yours to make.
The mold of your life is in your hands to break.

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien.


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“Tu n'es rien d'autre que ta vie.”
― Jean-Paul Sartre


"You're nothing but your life."
- Jean Paul Sartre


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Merry Christmas

Santa The Dark Side

Strong People

Reading progress update: I've read 70%.

Hollow Kingdom - Kira Jane Buxton

And so it begins, a new...... can't tell you

Reading progress update: I've read 63%.

Hollow Kingdom - Kira Jane Buxton

Reading progress update: I've read 30%.

Hollow Kingdom - Kira Jane Buxton

This started out feeling like a gore filled horror read, now it's still horror but from a very unusual view point. The animals, pets, wildlife, sea creatures, what would they think do if humans went zombie ? OMg and ST is a perfect character 

Levels Of Cozy

Oh It Was Terrible

Unearthed - Amie Kaufman, Meagan Spooner

1.5 stars. Audiobook. Narration 2.5 stars- Quick thought: A bad remake of Indiana Jones and The temple of Doom.
Long, long and mostly boring inner dialog that made me tune out. This was a book where I just wanted the characters to stop talking, yeh not good. The female MC was so irritating, she had this uncanny ability to do stupid stuff and then talk herself into thinking it was brilliant. She's a cliche in all ways, a street rat trying to save her sister from slavery, a school drop out who is actually a mathematical genius, perfect because the male MC isn't at all and they need it to save their lives. It's not that she's smart that bugged me it was how it suddenly came up and then became her crown, and her old persona was forgotten. The male MC was the son of a famous notorious man who is on a mission to prove his daddy right. He's English, and unprepared for this planet. yes they are on another planet. So we have a street wise scavenger and rich college grad, to save them all. There is an uncomfortable bit of romance going on that does not fit in the story at all.
The adventure is them trying to solve an ancient mystery left by an alien race filled with booby traps. Oh and yes they are also being chased by evil villains armed with guns. Very Indiana Jones with out the fun entertaining parts. They are able to solve puzzles and escape traps, amazing right ? Then when danger is nearest they rest/sleep and get caught. So they out smart, dumb down and out smart back and forth till finally at the end we see what the real deal is. The doom that only these two misfit kids could figure out and just when you think things might resolve, they get caught again.


Reading progress update: I've read 16%.

Hollow Kingdom - Kira Jane Buxton

Poor Dennis as smart as boiled pudding...snicker. I had no idea what this book was about I read it blind from a friends recommendation. Now I think it's a zombie apocalypse as seen from the smart arse pets/animals. It's visual gore level is working for me too  

Gift Buying

Reading progress update: I've read 100%.

Nightchaser - Amanda Bouchet

This book went from really interesting to craptastic after 15%- now for a review

I Can't Believe I Read The Whole Thing. I Want My Time Back

Nightchaser - Amanda Bouchet

Scrambled, abrupt plot drops, character black holes, unbelievable characters. (possible spoilers) -This started out really good. I loved the action, the mystery man, the ship the mystery. At about 15% everything went wonky. The books is filled with cliches and I saw the big moments coming from the very beginning, no surprises These people are running for their lives, they are escaped prisoners with bounty's on their heads they can not trust anyone. Too bad the story didn't stick with that little detail. Then the "big guy" (yes that was his title) who was introduced and seeming to have a major part just vanished from the story. Okay, I was thinking he'll be right back with some trick to get them going on to the next level right ? No, it's didn't happen till the end, (the end !) when he just popped up again out of the mist and was accepted back into the fold. The MC the most wanted of them all, is so wishy washy, she trusts no person, then blabs her whole story to a complete stranger she just met, and wants to do business with. Then she takes a shower in this strangers house ! What ? Okay she's dirty, water is tight on the ship, something mentioned so many times, but really? You are in so much danger, wanted, hunted and you take a shower in a strangers house ?  Wait there is more. She steals a dangerous super solider vaccine, and finds out it's made from her blood. So because she's a super special girl she can drain herself almost dry to make a fix it for some sick kids. The story goes from this super solder vaccine to sick kids with whiplash speed. The vaccine that can cause war/death/destruction suddenly becomes almost forgotten in the story, it's all about saving these orphans, yeh orphans. I could go on but I think you get my feeling on this one. What happened ? I had this author on my top 20 list, this doesn't read like her work at all. Her last 2 books declined in quality this one dumped. I'm done and will not invest in her writing anymore.

Meh, Even the Dog Was Meh

Stalking Ground: A Timber Creek K-9 Mystery - Margaret Mizushima

More dead bodies, more mystery, some shocking revelations. Better than book one but it still feels like the author is holding back, being safe in her writing. The characters are so well balanced, such thin before they act types, they are boring. I keep waiting for one of them to just take a chance, but then plan everything out, thinking it through before. Even the bad guys are sterilized feeling, no foul language, no outlandish behaviors they are so civil. I already bought book 3 so I'm giving it another go to pick up.

To Me This Is What Christmas Should Be

Reading progress update: I've read 51%.

Nightchaser - Amanda Bouchet

Time for a little sparring.    He is one sexy beast   

I love this new version of The Grinch

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