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The greatest adventure is what lies ahead.
Today and tomorrow are yet to be said.
The chances, the changes are all yours to make.
The mold of your life is in your hands to break.

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien.


Eclectic reader, nerdy, mother, animal rescuer, beach addict, kayaker, foodie and fan of books that slip me into another world. A life long reader, explorer, traveler and day dreamer who enjoys getting lost in worlds filled with mythical beasts, demons, shifters, vampires and other beasties.






“Tu n'es rien d'autre que ta vie.”
― Jean-Paul Sartre


"You're nothing but your life."
- Jean Paul Sartre


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A Typical Day In My Life Now

Reading progress update: I've read 45 out of 192 pages.

Artisan Vegan Cheese - Miyoko Nishimoto Schinner

I've got two macadamia nut cheeses aging :P 

Sadly so realistic

Reading progress update: I've read 32 out of 192 pages.

Artisan Vegan Cheese - Miyoko Nishimoto Schinner

Time to make some delights :P

Reading progress update: I've read 20%.

King of Scars - Leigh Bardugo

I got to 20% and just not feeling it. I'm so distracted, I can't remember much of the first pages. I'm taking a break from this to read during less stressful times. I need something light and funny


Reading progress update: I've read 5%.

King of Scars - Leigh Bardugo

I have read this first 5% three times and still can't remember most of it. I'm just too distracted/stressed/isolated. LOL I think I'll try another form of escape for a bit and see if i can get back to this. There are so many visual tours online of museums I think I'll go in a staycation. 

So Tired of the Main Character

Siege and Storm - Leigh Bardugo

Semi possible spoilers below
It might be the virus climate but I'm feeling negative about this one
What was this book like ? All yee all yee welcome to the church of Alina.
It was a good ride. I'm glad Alina and Mel seem to be out of the story for the spin off. I loved them in the beginning but grew to dislike them both as a couple and grew really tired of little miss all powerful. I know, what is wrong with me ? I got tired of Alina being the snowflake that would save them all, of everyone circling around her, worshiping her, Alina, Alina, Alina. Meh.
The ending ? Really you pulled that card ? Why not the crash and burn stay crashed and burnt ? it would have made a more impactful ending. I was left eye rolling and sighing the easy path taken. I don't want a happy ending after what went down. Omg did you see the sex scene ? No you didn't it was a blink and it was over. Shouldn't there have been tingles ? After giggles ? Something ?
I am moving on the The King of Scars which I'm told is wonderful. Fingers crossed

That Was Good !

Shorefall - Robert Jackson Bennett

What a twisted scribed magical fiendish web of deceit the author has woven. I just finished and feel like I need to catch my breath. I’m still hanging off the side of the cliffhanger ending. Everything was a question with unknown answers, with lies, truthful answers that could be twisted to seem other. You think you know, they thought they knew but could you know if you have been lied to ? But, which are the lies ?
Oh it is intense, there was some serious power struggles going on. Power rearing its ugly face with a God like being determined to rule them all. Oh but it was not just one, no there were others involved other with secrets and a desire for something more. Battles are lost people are hurt, some characters die, it is a brutal desperate battle. I cringed a couple times when one of my favorites was, well you’ll find out.
I really enjoyed the slow building of the characters relationships with each other. They had to learn to trust, to open themselves up. There had been so much trauma, and lies. The author did this beautifully and believably. It also made it harder to say goodbye to them.
Oh the ending was such a shock, I never saw that coming ! Yes, I knew something was wrong but WOAH ! Now I must wait for book 3, waiting can be so hard .

Reading progress update: I've read 75 out of 432 pages.

Ruin and Rising - Leigh Bardugo

No WAY ! I knew he was something but that ? NO WAY ?!?!?!??! Danger massive twist ! So what now, what does this mean for the future ? Will he die, will someone else marry someone, will this be the new it couple ? WHAT ? dang it I need to read

The Jingle Is Now Stuck In my Head LOL

I know grumpy cat done and done but this really made me laugh. Maybe because my neighbors don't believe in boundaries ?

Has Anyone Heard From The BL Controllers Lately ?

I got over 500 spam followers in the last two days as did many others. Has the administrators for this site said anything to anybody about this ? Are they even still around ? It feels like they just leave the site to the bots. I am so angry/frustrated, tired of this lack of support. What can't we just get a "request to follow/friend" option.

When I get done blocked this new set I'll have over 4, 000 blocked spammers 4,000 ! This is BS

Reading progress update: I've read 48%.

Siege and Storm - Leigh Bardugo

The female MC is acting stupid, lowering down in her role for a man ? Seriously is this the 50's?  Honey if he can't stand your glory and feels inferior dump him. I really hate this it's old crap that should not be brought into these times

A Dark Orphan Story

Shadow and Bone - Leigh Bardugo

Oh this started out so sweet, two orphans growing up together, taking care of each other. Then when one saves the other their whole world goes KABOOM. She is taken away where she is asked to trust many but one will be the betrayer. Their lives changed, challenged and altered forever.

Light spoilers below beware !

Oh I hate Dark-arse, hate hate hate. I can't say more without spoiling it but what he does is so GRRRRRRRRRRRR ! and he does it on so many levels. The author made me love him only to stab me in the heart. LOL
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Like Trying To Find Gold

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