A Nice Start With a Cliffhanger Ending

After the End - Amy Plum

3.7 stars- audio
Tricked, betrayed and abandoned Juno a young teenage girl goes looking for her family. She was raised to believe that the end of the world has basically happened and her family was all that was left. While off on a hunting trip her whole life was shaken into another realm. Everything she was taught, everything she believed may have been a lie. She must go out into this foreign world and find the answers, but will the truth be too painful ? She has never known the world she is now in, and she has to trust an outsider to complete her mission. Both tot them will learn many lessons and loose some of their innocence.
Interesting, the raised in another world while really in this world was an interesting concept. She is the special little bee that is all too common is YA books but this little bee has holes in her wings and it is a nice touch. There is a lot of doubts, and thinking, this girl thinks and follows through with her choices. Not all of them are smart, but they are who she is. The reason her people have been taken was a little misty, but leading to what could be a very interesting story. She could be medically improved, spiritually improved or a genetic mutation ? I have my preference and hope it goes my way. The romance, was extremely brief and for me it wasn't right at the moment so I was happy the author backed off. Things had gotten intense, changing, moving and BOOM the book ended. I hate cliffhangers. Now, I need to find out when book 2 comes out