Do You Want To Survive the Zombie Apocalypse. Then Read This

The Art of Eating Through the Zombie Apocalypse: A Cookbook and Culinary Survival Guide - Lauren Wilson, Kristian Bauthus

So it happens the world as we knew it is gone and a new world begins. This one is covered in flesh eating zombies. What do you do to stay alive ? The electricity is gone, fresh water is just a memory and shelter can be a death trap. Do you have any survival skills ? I do, I read the book. Hey ! I don't want you following me around making noise and bringing the "Zoms" around my safe zone. Pick up a copy and set yourself up to stay among the living away from me. :D

First things first, water, your juicy body can not live without this substance. The water supplies are damaged, dirty and surrounded by predators. There are very smart, very easy ways to collect water and purify it in the pages. Don't drink water with floating body bits is just one of the priceless recommendations I'll share with you.
Food, where do you go, what do you do with it and still maintain that gourmet life style ? Is this how you want to eat ?  


No ? Okay then in this book you will find recipes for dealing with the lack of grocery store choices. Yes, how do I make those crickets taste like golden croutons ?  Or How about the "I want my Mommy casserole" ?  My favorite to serve after a night of slashing zombies, Overnight of the Living Dead french Toast, so easy and ready when I want ti most.all in the book with many other recipes to wow your palette. There are some very good normal recipes included. A hunting/fishing guide, foraging herbs and vegetables, growing food, preserving and fermenting to storing your food stuff. Did you get lucky and end up along the shoreline ? Score ! There is a  sea food guide, with kelps, shellfish and other tastes.

This survival thing is not easy. Reality is that most of you will become hamburgers for the undead because you don't have a clue how to live without the fast food joint drive up window. Save yourself, be a Daryl or a Carol and survive. Read this book and you have more then the basics to cover you and your loved ones.