Graveyard Queen Rises

The Visitor (Graveyard Queen) - Amanda Stevens

"Watch Your Back Graveyard Queen" 

Amelia, is chased, frightened, hurt, tricked, and lied to. Her history is catching up to her faster than she is ready to for, and she is evolving. Everything she thought she knew is about to change forever. Amelia's road is full of darkness and death.

Cleaning out the storage under her house an item is found that sets her on a journey to find the truth behind an image that looks like her. Her restoration business gives her an in to help solve the mystery of a cult mass suicide and her own history. The family that owns the graveyard are something to see, freaky, creepy and dangerous. One of them has a deep relationship with bees, one with cloves, and the other is just creepy by association. I will never enjoy cloves scented things again, thanks Ms. Stevens.

There are bugs, nasty ones, mazes, rusted gates, creaking floor boards, tinkling keys and did I tell you about the bugs ? EEEEKKKK ! Okay I have a bit of an exoskeleton phobia and there are plenty in these pages. Wait till you get to the book marker switch !




Devlin, her man is not the same. If you read the last book you know he had a major event happen, well he's not okay. That isn't all that is up with him, he has a Grandfather who is demanding something of him. Big change here folks, BIG.


I loved this  fourth book in the series, they just get better and better. Instead of following along the same road it had been traveling  this one took a wild left snap to the left then spun around and wiggled a bit more. The southern gothic style was amazing as always, the pacing just right with not a dull page in the book. One complaint, I don't have the next book, yet.

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