Sexy Nordic Action

The Undoing (Call Of Crows) - Shelly Laurenston

Fun, sexy, Nordic, action filled, cute animals adventures.
I really enjoy this series. It's sexy, funny, filled with gods, goddesses, nordic men and furry beasties. The women are never the fragile wall flowers waiting for their hero and the men are confident enough to stand back and admire the women as they do it for themselves. This book #2 in the series stepped up the volume with Ski and Jace finding some form of connection. Hot hot hot, no games played, just viking loving action. I appreciate and adore the upfront honesty between these characters, it's so refreshing. They say it like it is and move on. This works for me, my biggest gripe is that some authors write their characters to hold on to their secrets/emotions/thoughts like their lives depend on being the same as everyone else. BLECH Good communication wins every time !
There is some excellent payback that you don;t want to miss. I squealed and cheered and scared my family, it was that good. :D
You must read book one to understand what is happening here. The characters are slowly developing and their past comes up here and grows.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me the chance to write an honest review.