Best Book For Introverts

Quiet. The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking - Susan  Cain

5 stars this is a re-read book
Audiobook version review
Excellent narration, good pacing.
This is a book every introvert, extrovert, teacher, parent, brother, sister, boss, friend, everyone should read. It explains the differences between the two basic types of personalities and how to fit each in to better our lives.
Have you heard or said "Come out of your shell" " You're too sensitive" " You need to overcome your shyness" "You'll never make it if you don't stand out" ? I did and it stung.
How can I not love a book that makes me feel better about myself ? I have spent much of my life fighting to overcome my "shyness" or my uninterested feeling towards parties. In high school I was labeled a loner, even though I was on swim team, surfed, sailed, and skated around town all the time. I was active, outgoing adventurous but not socially needy. In college I just wanted to study the courses alone in the library the classroom was stifling to me, and study groups, oh no never. As an adult and parent, I've learned to play the extrovert but the stress is headache worthy.
I am the mother of two adult introverts and one extrovert. I worried when they didn't want to go to group events. I know, bad mom. I have tried to get them to be more like society expected. I placed them in social situations that were difficult because I was told they needed it. I wish I had read this book years earlier, I understand it now. Luckily they stayed true to themselves and I gave up fighting.

While reading this I was amazed at the awesomeness of introverts. We are so underrated and unappreciated by society. Ms. Cain goes into detail of the positive attributes and contributions introverts and extroverts bring to the table of life. She offers steps of adaptability without losing who someone is. The steps are so easy, so comfortable.
I bought this on audio I'm purchasing the printed version so I can highlight