Emotional Hell Ride

Tell Me Something Real - Calla Devlin

Emotional Hell Ride.
That sums up this read for me. I was dragged down one road sobbing and heart broken only to be slammed into the wall of extreme anger, disbelief and then sorrow. I devoured this torturous read in one day. I couldn't leave the story at any point, it left me dangling off a cliff through the whole book. I read this yesterday, today I feel hungover and tired. The daily pain of these characters lives was draining. Then to find out.... I tell you it was so twisted. I wanted to throw my book off a bridge and watch it sink to the bottom of the sea.
Did I like it ? No, and yes. I don't care to suffer in realistic pain and suffering in my entertainment choice, books. I read to escape reality. This was realistic and it tore me into little soaked bits of don't want to go there, but it was so good. I loved, hated it. I'm glad it was recommended to me by a reviewer friend or I never would have touched it.
Emotional Rollercoater E Ticket Turbo Ride
Don't read reviews with spoilers. You need to experience this shock to get the most out of the author's work.