The First Half Was Disipointing

Disney Manga Stitch! Volume 1 - Yumi Tsukirino

Stitch is one of my favorite Disney characters. I was thrilled to see him in a manga.
The first half Stitch was so one dimensional, he ate, acted naughty, and got kicked, beaten and things thrown at him. The fun family connection made int he original series was lost to me in this. He is not with Lilo for the first half, but with a girl called luna who told him he must do 43 good deeds to get a wish granted by a rock. Luna is an angry girl, quick tempered and not very likable to this reader.
Luckily the second half of the books brought back Lilo, and they had adventure after adventure of fun. The humor was there they had fun. Stitch was still naughty, that's who he is, but it was taken with humor and love, Ohana.
The illustrations were pretty good,. the action exciting, the intersection on the second half what I expect from Lilo and Stitch. I would continue the series if it sticks with Lilo and Stitch I wouldn't miss never seeing Luna again.