Dragons, Fae, Witches, Gods, and Centuries, Oh My

Chasing Embers (A Ben Garston Novel) - James Henry Bennet

I loved the story, the developed history and myths. I reread some of the amazingly beautiful descriptive scenes, they awed and left me breathless. The action was nail bitting worthy. The book was an epic movie in written on pages. This epic-ness made it hard to read at times.
There was so much information dumped, so many extremely detailed details, written with such artistic flourish that the book felt heavy. I could only read for short amounts of time, my brain needed time to rest after struggling to unwind the woven words into meaning. This was not an easy book to read, it had to be savored slowly taking time to contemplate the events both past and present.
Ben the man who is not a man but a red dragon from lore lost with time, was trapped in a web. He had lived centuries hidden, long lonely centuries with humans never knowing his secret. He has a woman, Rose, that he cares for but knows it can not last, and he doesn't have the nerve to be honest with her. Her safety, his secrets and the world will all be trapped in a tornado of ancient myth come to the present. His secrets are held in check by a pact.
It is a pact him and others not human made after years of slaughter and near extinction threatened them when the Fae left this world. This world full of suppressed magic and lore is ruled by humans with a hope that the Fae will return and the magic will once again be free. Witches, Egyptian gods, spirits, Fae and more. When the pact is broken everything bleeds and worlds collide .
I don't think I'll continue with the series. It was a story I loved but was so difficult to read it took some of the pleasure out of reading. I would go see the movie !