Feeling Good In Colorado

Nobody But You (Cedar Ridge) - Jill Shalvis

Jill Shalvis is one of my go to authors for happy feel good reads. Cedar Ridge is a wonderful place to live, work and what a family ! There is not a single member of this family that I haven't adored. This is Jacob's story, the long lost twin finally returns home.
Jacob is back, and he's brought some baggage along with him. Baggage not so much from the war, but from his last dealings with his family. He was a coward, and he knows it's time to face up to it, but he is distracted by a red headed woman who keeps drawing his attention and stealing his dock. He must deal with his lust, that might be more, his family that he can't let in yet and his past.
The lady red is Sophie, and she is a broke woman in more ways than financial. Freshly divorced from a cheating husband who only degraded her for years, she is fighting for her footing in a new life. She is an amazing character, hard working and seeming to have endless energy and positive outlook.
What a wonderful uplifting story of family drama, love, respect, forgiveness, and moving on in life. Jacob is one of the good ones and his HEA with Sophie is a beautiful thing :D