Aurora Teagarden Is Back

All the Little Liars - Charlaine Harris

A must read for the Aurora Teagarden fan !
Aurora Teagarden is back, she's married to a wonderful man, working at a job she loves, and is bonding with her half brother. Life is good for this favorite librarian, until it's not.
Aurora is living with new husband and her teenage half brother, after he couldn't live with his parents anymore. Robin her husband is an ideal husband, attentive, loving and communicative. They have real happiness, and more is about to come. Unfortunately, the good news is shadowed by the disappearance of her brother and a handful of other teenagers in town, and when one of the group is found dead things get serious. The police are called, but there is little to find, and Aurora and her husband take investigation in their own hands. Yes she gets herself in a pickle, but now she has good solid backup.
I loved seeing Aurora again, and to see her so well situated was wonderful. How often do we get to see a good solid realistic relationship ? I hope there is another book in the future. There was a major life changing event that I want to see happen.