Fire and Ice

The Immortal's Hunger - Kelli Ireland

 This second book in the series that just keeps getting better. There is more of a cohesion between the characters and their stories. The two main characters are so wonderful together I enjoyed every moment with them. I like my fire mixed with ice.

He is the ice she is the fire, both hunted, both desperate to survive their situations. Together they'll destroy each other or save each other. Centuries of lessons learned are not the only thing standing between them.

Gareth the sexy Irishman assassin is coming to the end of his days. The last book ended with him not being in a good way. He's cold, iced, his powers diminished his days numbered by a selfless act.  he fights for his life even though he doesn't have any real hope.

Ashley, a hot red headed Phoenix is running from her own brand of end of days. Her desire to remain free, drives her to find a man to work out her kinks during a special reproductive time in her life cycle. If she doesn't find help her freedom is gone forever.

The two meet, and fire and ice clash. Steam is the result, hot sexy steam. Gareth has learned some skills over the centuries. Get out your fans for this one.

The other assassins are fabulous, hot hunky, powerful and snarky in all the right places. I feel for Rowan in the first book and fell harder for him in this one. There is a man for every taste in this series.

No where is Rowan's book ?