Some Actions Are Too Unforgivable

Nobody's Baby But Mine - Susan Elizabeth Phillips

2.5 stars- audiobook (excellent narration)
Sports, egos and aging, something I can relate too. The sneaky sperm stealing devious action, made me angry. It was nice to read a book about more mature people dealing with age changes. The characters aren't middle aged, but in that between time from after reaching career success and before middle age, the forgotten time. I would have loved it if Jane hadn't done what she did. I had very mixed feelings about this book.
Cal, is a football quarterback who loves his women young fresh and dewy. He refuses to accept the fact that his quarterback days are dwindling and < gasp > he is aging out of his job. He's used and it pissed me off.
Jane is a super brained scientist who desperately wants a child before her eggs dry up. Her background was traumatized by being too smart so she wants the father to be a mentally dimmed person in good health. She's a self centered, person with only her goal in mind. An encounter with a less that scrupulous person leads her into the bed of Cal, the dim witted footballer. This part of the story had me fuming in anger ! After tricking him into bed, she altered the condom so she could steal his sperm. It didn't take the first time so she set's things up to steal from him a second time. Yes, I'm fuming now, this was an unforgivable action.
She becomes pregnant, he finds out, he moves into action. Jane. she acts like she's the injured one in this party. I couldn't have disliked her more, and never warmed up to her. I enjoyed his family, they held this story together for me and were the reason I finished it. Granny, she is just hilarious and tough.
I found the pregnancy thief so disgusting I couldn't get over that to accept the rest of the story.