Snickers and Tea

Britt-Marie Was Here: A Novel - Fredrik Backman

Audiobook- Fabulous narration
There is one important fact that I knew before I got 30% into this book
Kent is an entrepreneur you see, and he says.....
I really hated Kent, loathed him in every way possible, because you see he is an entrepreneur. I wished him broken bones for smelling like perfume. I wanted his body covered in boils for the voice on the phone.
Britt-Marie was a special friend who needed sheltering from the world she was thrust into so abruptly. In her 60's she was almost child like in her knowledge of the way of the things. She lived in shadows of life known as Kent-ville. She walked, talked, breathed, and never explored any other place, all way Kent till it wasn't. This stubborn, stuck in her ways, ultra clean, sheltered soul lands in a very interesting place filled with improper people, rats and dirty windows. It is an awakening of her soul and not to be missed.
That's all I'm telling, read it if you want more.
There are so many moments that will stay with me from this story. Read it with a cup of tea and a Snickers bar.