So Many Reasons Not to Enjoy

The Christmas Cake Cafe: A brilliantly funny feel good Christmas read - Sue Watson

A Christmas romance set in the Swiss Alps, between two 40 something people. It's didn't work for me at all.
I wanted to love this, I'm a fan of bakery tied romances so this interested me. Sadly, I did not enjoy this story for many reasons. The constant repetitions were #1 on that list. The half sister issue, was a title that was used, and used, and used, so many times. The 1/2 sister, Jody called her sister Jan, old, constantly, harping on it over and over. Jan, in her 40's is still rehashing her daddy issues, and then the issue comes back for a repeat with the introduction of Ella. Jan then tells us again and again how this all felt.
Insta-lust-love for the woman even when the man, Jon, acts uninterested, aloof, and secretive. I never got why she was so attached to him, the author told me she wanted him, told me about his blues eyes, over and over. (repetition again) He was not there more than not, he barely spoke, and when his excuse came it was so poorly explained, but Jan took it.
The romance, went from nothing to bed, which was anti climatic, nearly a fade to black scene. It was treated as nothing special. There was no great build up, now great wow moment, it was so dull. The only connecting moment for me came while they were eating cake and cookies for a few brief paragraphs and even then he was standoffish and distant. I never for a moment thought these two should be together, I felt no connection.
There was a lot of telling. Parts read like lectures from an old aunt on how everyone should feel.
I really didn't like this book and completely disliked the writing style.