Disliked the Way the Female Character Was Written

Wicked Heart (The Starcrossed Series) - Leisa Rayven

2.5 I would have given this more stars but it had some issues with the story that I am not okay with. A woman messing around with another woman's fiance. Worse is that she knows and likes the fiancee'. I am repulsed but back stabbing cheating women. Sure it turned out in the end, but the fact that she was physically crossing the line, just killed some praise from me. Then there was the whole, falling in love with him/her after one night, clinging to the memory for years....what a bunch of unbelievable BS. Why would I want to read about a woman who waits for years for somebody who dropped her, even if it turns another way ? If she would have said Hell No, I would have respected her character a lot more. I'm in the anti-doormat, anti-sleezebag club, thank you. The story is a second chance love story. They hook up, he gets on the success train and promises to return, snd he doesn't. He gets engaged to somebody else. They come to town, and happen to show up for work where girl #1 works and is still dreaming of him years later with no contact and his engagement. She gets her panties smokin', he gets his stretched, they lust, lust lust under the nose of the fiancee' for a minute too long.