Ice Hot Romance

 Crazy Pucking Love  - Cindi Madsen

Smart Sexy and Hot with a side of Ice

Sweet collage romance, with intelligent people, who make well thought out decisions. Sexy, sexual tension with just the right amount of naked time. I just couldn't help but cheer these characters on, they were so well written.

Megan barely 18 is off to college to start her new life and her recovery from her past. Lonely but not alone, her brother attends the same school and plays hockey for them. she sets out to rebuild herself. Insomnia, is her evil friend, they are very close. She has a list of things she wants and goes after it. She is also smart, a math queen, loves it and wants a career in a field that uses it. Gotta love the smart girls !

Dane, is an over burdened brother, college student and hockey player who suffers from serious insomnia. He has a scholarship and a family that needs him to succeed. His history has made him swear of relationships, he will not go there again. He is a good guy, who just doesn't want to hurt someone with his being unavailable time wise.

The two meet, insomnia, and attraction bind them. Dane sets down the rule, Friends Only. Sure, that always works. LOL  Well these two have a strange but fun friendship over late night romps around the city. It's when friendship turns into something more that things go wanky.

I love that this author made Megan, intelligent, and not a doormat. Bravo Ms. Madsen.