Stronger Than They Are

Better Than New: Lessons I've Learned from Saving Old Homes (and How They Saved Me) - Nicole Curtis

Passion, it all starts and ends there. Nicole Curtis is a woman of passion with knowledge and determination backing her up. Her life’s path so far has been bumpy sure but she worked with the bumps and made them useful. He love for rebuilding history in homes is real down to her bones. This woman is the real deal, a restorer not just a TV personality, she is also a mother and a human being with all the emotional ups and downs.

She goes into her past, some painful lessons she learned through mistakes or be said, lessons. Relationships, personal and professional, she had difficult times, heartbreak and stress. Her greatness grew because she didn’t stop and dwell in her struggles she moved through them going towards more. She is questioned, mocked, lied about, for her personal and professional life. She is also a giving charitable soul who really cares for the people around her. TV editing makes it look so easy.

I admire her for so many reasons. Her amazing strength reminds me of my mother, a single mother who never stopped believing and working her dream. I was a fan of her show now I am a fan of the woman and mother behind the scenes. I loved the fact that she didn’t moan and groan about how unfair life was when it hit the fan.

I was envious that she was able to purchase her Grandparents home. It is my dream to buy my Grandparents home in Michigan that they built and rehab it for my family. This rehab brought tears to my eyes, her closeness to her family is beautiful.

I received an early copy for review so I did not get to see any of the pictures. I plan on buying a copy at her signing when she comes to town so I can see the images she placed in my head. I’ve heard they are fabulous photos BTW.

One of my favorite quotes from her book was “..just because you can juggle a chainsaws doesn’t mean you don’t get stressed about it.”