A Good Mystery And a Big Change

Graveyard Shift: A paranormal mystery (A Pepper Martin Mystery) - Casey Daniels

Pepper has drawn the attention of a not so glorious ghost, Eliot Ness. he was a glorious lawman in life but in death his ghost is just a sparkle. His remains need to be found to make him whole. There are forces that want to avoid that, mainly a nasty gangster with a huge grudge, Al Capone. Al Capone is not one to go easily and Pepper will face hurting the ones she loves the most to protect them and herself.
I enjoyed the book, but it wasn’t as fun as previous books in the series. There was less humor, some weird moments in the beginning with her standing in a muddy pond bed. I’ve missed Pepper and her ghostly mysteries. I enjoyed her quirky interaction with the other side, but missed the history I’ve read in past books. I really don’t know much about the gangster or the lawman and would have liked a deeper connection to the why so angry question. I loved the new characters Calab, he is a complete mystery that I can’t wait to explore. I felt a bit discouraged towards the end by a decision Pepper made and how quickly it was just gone. This was a transitional book for Pepper and her group, I am hooked waiting for the next book. You really can’t miss this one in the series things are a changing.

I can’t wait for the next book to see where Pepper goes she is going to one of my favorite cities.