I Trapped Myself Into Finishing This

The Operator - Kim Harrison

So disappointing.
I am going to be overusing the word trapped. You have been warned.
Peri the time shifter who can’t seem to stay out of trap after trap after trap. It was relentless, she was always on the edge of being trapped or trapped by her stupid actions. Her coworkers, lovers, even her cat trapped.
I tried hard to like this series, out of devotion to the author and her past work. I can’t, it is too random to unfocused with no direction. Peri is in the same situation she was in the beginning of the series at the end of book 2. They all ran around in circles, getting caught, killing, promising revenge, only to end up back at the beginning ? The people have changed some but this character is stuck in this endless loop of trapped, trapped, trapped. It was frustraiting, there was never enough time to connect with her or the other characters. There was an odd out of place character, Cam that didn’t fit into he sorry at all. Peri, is unlikable, one dimensional and uninteresting. All of them are really, we don’t get to know them only see them for a fraction of a second while they are trapped, being trapped, trying to get un-trapped. The theme of the story, trapped.
I’m done, this is the last book in this series I will read. I am a fan of Ms. Harrison’s previous series so I gave this one more effort than I normally would have.