Where Was the Editor ?

Up the Seine Without a Paddle (The Travel Mishaps of Caity Shaw Book 2) - Eliza Watson

2 I requested this book thinking it was a romantic story wrapped around a trip to Paris. It was based in Paris and several landmarks were visited but this was not a light romantic read. It struggled between a survival recovery book and a romance and failed at both for me. It felt light at times, I'd start to enjoy the characters, then it would suddenly go into victim survival therapy. Preachy therapy, the I'm telling you how to feel and act kind. Then she got aggressive towards people who didn't behave how she thought they should at one point wanting to hit a person ? That happened towards the end and threw the book for me. Was that to be a sign of her new mature strength after an oppressed relationship ? No. I had not read the first book and was lost to the back story of her previous relationship that was referenced often when the fear she felt exploded out. Her reaction was serious so I can only imagine it was intense and ugly.
In the end the story was jumbled, the characters started out strong then spiraled into chaos. The direction lost the story fell flat. I gave it two stars because I think a good editor could pull this back together, maybe.