Intolerance in Motion

The Sight - Chloe Neill

3.5 stars
The continued story of humans versus magical creatures after a major war. Hope and love, bud on the vine but may never get to bloom.
Bigots, haters, complete intolerance, destruction of property,and murders, the story paralleled the turmoil happening in the real world today. Reading about the protests, the anger, the fights, to name calling and bulling, so sadly realistic. The fight for equality, freedom and peace is also very real.
I enjoy Ms. Neill'c characters, she write them as complete beings with all the issues. They are likable/hatable for the right reasons and just enough quirk to make them fun. The romantic moments are brief, and semi frustraiting which fits in the world created. The story moves forward in a natural pace, big changes happen. Oh such a sad cliffhanger ending. I can't tell you anything about the happening without spoiling the fun. I am excited to read book 3