Not my Favorite By Gaiman

American Gods: The Tenth Anniversary Edition - Neil Gaiman
I finished and I have no idea what to say about this book. It's been reviewed thousands of times. It was amazing, Gaiman is genius world twister. But..... I had some issues with the characters, they were fantastically written that wasn't it. It was just them, I wouldn't want to hang out with most of them. Listening to an audiobook brings me into their world and I just wanted to kick them all out to deal with their BS outside my zone. Shadow was just such a doormat, everyone stepped on that dude. Wednesday, ARGUH ! Riddle, and avoid, riddle and avoid....Does this guy ever die off ? Yeh, that was my main thought. The different gods were interesting but didn't visit often enough. The one character I'd like to sit on the beach with was Laura, the crazy dead chick, go figure.
I'm glad i finally listened to it but i'll not do it again.