Reading progress update: I've read 38%. I'm Done

Moon Chosen - P.C. Cast

I can't listen to another minute. I do not like these authors' style, I find the narrators voice annoying and I just don't care about the characters at all.

Major Gripes

1) Repetition: Every time a character speaks to another they use their name. Omg the "Mama, Mama, Mama.." had me wanting to scream "Make it stop" There was also repetition the story, events rehashed and retold many times.

2) TSTL- this girl who is and adult but acts like a child, get's herself into situations that common sense and her mother's warnings tell her not to. Life threatening situations !

3) The slavers leader just now after years and years feels like there may be more to his captives ?


Three red flags that hit me upside the head. I'm done. This author is not one I plan on reading again