Fun Read With A Few Holes

The Diabolic - S.J. Kincaid

Interesting take on the humanity in us, genetically engineered people and animals.
Political back stabbing, familicide, rape, animal abuse, abuse mental and physical.
The book directs you to look at what is love, or it tries too.
The heroine was loyal to a fault at times, as she was designed to be.
The who was really the snake fooled me to the end and I'm still wondering
I enjoyed the book but had some issues with bits.
1) The love was too instant without any real reason for it. Why did he love her ? I never got it, it seemed just to be there. I needed some grounding on that.
2) Her jumping from robotic like to emotional to robotic like did not flow right for me it felt broken
3) The big happening was too easy, the ending too neat