Cowardly Lion Claims Mate

Rule Breaker: A Novel of the Breeds - Lora Leigh

The first thing you should do before reading this book is get your life jacket ready. There is a massive flood, flow, drip, soaking, sopping, seeping wetness going on. Gypsy, has to be wettest woman in the fictional world. After hearing her describe her leaking disorder for far too many pages I had to hear her bed mate talking about riding all that wetness over and over. I swear the book's pages started to curl from the moisture.

Rule Breaker, the lion, honest and true, yeh right. Okay so Mr. Rule has a commitment phobia we get that he brings it up nearly every time he talks. So live it and shut it already I got it. He promises his virgin mate that he'll never push her, he believes no means no. Yes he said that, promised all heart felt and all. Then while his animal is "claiming" her he has to take her rear and not tell her what he plans. He starts probing around and she's begging, crying "no, NO ! please Rule no" so what does he do, tells her it's okay baby and he does it anyway beacuse his animal needs to arse claim her !

The rest of the book, meh. Cowardly Lion Finds mate, claims her