Interesting But Not Grabbing

Gilded Cage - Vic James

Powerful super humans The Equals, controlling lesser humans through slavery and special abilities.
There were several things I enjoyed. The plot was really interesting, trying to figure out who was behind what was a complete mystery. The ending left no clues about who was on what side, a cliffhanger left me nothing to go on. The mystery weaving was wonderfully done. I loved the Equals, they were much more interesting than the commoners. Silyen, was the Equal to watch, off centered, quirky, wicked ? and unknown. if I continue the series it will be to find out more about him.
I really wanted to love this, but it didn't hold my attention. I wasn't ever involved in the story, it felt fragmented. There were many POVs and so many characters all being introduced. I just didn't get enough time with any of them to feel any connection. Political drama, urgh, there was too much for me, I just wanted to put the book down several times. I just didn't care. It could be the first book in a series, slow start world building that has me not connecting too. I really don't know if I'l continue the series