Charlie Trouble Waits Ahead

Eleventh Grave in Moonlight - Darynda Jones

Eleventh Grave
There is never enough pages in these books ! Ms Jones writes so magically that it always feels like I just started the book then BAM it’s over. I get lost in the story, lose track of time and become totally emerged in Charlie Davidson’s world, fall so completely in love with her husband. Ah, I mean I really enjoy reading these characters. Falling in love with a fictional character would be nuts right ? I may be a little nuts.
Point of extreme interest-
-Charlie is evolving, superpowers are engaged, and necks are broken.
-Charlie has a grasshopper moment she learns to be the grain of sand.
-Reyes can take me to a coffee shop anytime
-Stuff happens on huge enormous scale of happenings
-Holy Hat Tamales stuff goes down !
-The Ending, it will leave you breathless in shock
Loved it, loved it and I loved it.