Murder, Magic and Scones

Brownies and Broomsticks - Bailey Cates

Audiobook-narration excellent
Katie Lightfoot is a witch but even better than, she's a baker. New to her witch side she explores the possibilities while she bakes delights in her aunts new bakery. Everything was going well till an old mean woman came in and threatened the bakery, family and anything else she could think of while stealing money owed to the bakery. The old bat wasn't done there no she went and got her neck broken, complicating matters and leaving some serious accusations on her uncle's shoulders. Katie who just can't stop snooping hunts to true killer using her two hunky new male friends, her aunts coven/book club and her new magical techniques.
I really liked this light southern cozy mystery. The characters were fun, interesting and complimented each other well. The nasties were truly nasty, delightfully so. Katie Lightfoot makes scones that had my mouth watering luckily she included her recipe. Yes, I made them, and enjoyed them with some rosemary tea. Great recipe, great reading snack. Double the pleasure, double the fun. I ordered the second book, and I see Biscotti in the title. I'll be baking up some of those very soon.