Biscotti with my Murder Please

Bewitched, Bothered, and Biscotti - Bailey Cates

Do not read this if you are on a anti baked good diet. The bakery is at the center of this fun little mystery series and the delights are in mouth watering detailed. This is the series you either break down and hit the local bakery or you put on your apron and make your own, no worries recipes are included. ; p I'm a sucker for bakery settings. I went the bake it myself route, mmmmmmm. The biscotti was scrumptious dipped in my coffee.
The characters make this series a double winner for me. There are quirky witches, wicked witches, druids, wicked druids, sexy firemen, sexy/funny/wicked non magical people, cute animals, and maybe more. They have a history, well developed and written just right for this reader. (doesn't go on forever and ever) The mystery is mysterious and leads into deeper waters, dark and deadly. Who doesn't love that right ? It's not a slam dunk one step easy breezy solve mystery.
I can't tell you anything that happens, it would ruin it for you. If you enjoy a cozy mystery, witches, love triangles and flakey baked goodies you may want to give it a try.