What A Ride I Need to Sit Down

Illuminae - Jay Kristoff, Amie Kaufman

It's hard not to finish this book without a "well f*ck.". I may have used a few other choice descriptive words to pop a cherry on top of that feeling at the end. I never saw anything coming, nothing was predictable, nothing went as planned in my mind. The cast of narrators was absolutely fantastic. Their perfect reading had me nervously running and sweating with the crew. I was there, what an experience !
I'm not going to go over the story. This is a book to go into blind, no expectations. Be surprised, shocked and enjoy the ride.
Aiden was the most interesting, nutter, murdering, helpful, merciful living not living character. The authors made me question myself on my beliefs with him. I hope there is a spark if him in the next books. Katie was everything a heroine should be, that's all I'm saying.
Listen to this one, it is an audiobook you'll not soon forget.