Some Very Good Parts

Sh#t Your Ego Says: Strategies to Overthrow Your Ego and Become the Hero of Your Story - James C. McCrae

3.5 stars
Overall a insightful read on the human ego. There were many "AH HA" moments, that had me scribbling notes when the author touched a nerve that related to me. Then there was the third of the book that left me scratching my head, forcing me to re-read a section and still wonder what he was getting on about. There was no connection for this reader but there might be for others, this is a person journey each person might find a different point relevant.
I finished with a page of notes, several things to contemplate, and a new vision of my emotions and drives. This was a subject I had not encountered before in the self help books I have read before and I learned something. Well I hope I did. I'd recommend it to those who find themselves stuck in a rut, and feeling fear of making a change. It may just fit where other books have failed.