Who Would Have Thought Ragnarök Could be so Fun

The Unyielding - Shelly Laurenston

This is the story of Erin and Stieg, Jackie the Man, the stripper, rotting corpses, naughty elves, upperclass dragons, snobby shifters and most importantly Ragnarök. Filled with non stop action, humor, horrific things, guffawing moments, adventure, chunky love and distant shores.
Erin is the gentle, giving, quiet redhead crow that everyone loves and adores. She has charmed the world with her wit and kindness. hahahahahahahahaha, Okay she is the most disliked, CURVY, untrusted crow, the snarliest, snarky foul mouthed, in your face, thorn twisting in your side, crazy flaming, man using, spiky, infuriating, nut job you’ll meet and you’ll love her. I adore her and I’m sorry about throwing curvy in there. Read the book you’ll understand.
Stieg, the Raven, is quiet, serene, a babe in the woods, until Erin. Okay he’s a big Viking, a big grumpy, ah angry beast of a man. He is also loyal, sexy, strong, and laugh out loud funny in that quiet honest way that makes my knees wobble.
There where two beasties that were brought front and center in the story that I loved.Who doesn’t love a goat ? Hilda will charm the goat hater out of you. I think she may be the funniest goat character I’ve read. I may want a goat now.
Nidhogg, was my favorite new beastie. He is the big bad horrible nasty stinky dragon who made me want to get a "I love Nidhogg" T-shirt and fan button from the Norse bookstore. The twist the author gave him when he spoke had me chuckling and hearing a TV personality in my head. No, I don’t want a Nidhogg.

This is the third book in the series and I think the best so far. Each new book just seems to one up the fun factor for this reader. I will re-read it in audiobook format along with the first 2 while I wait for book 4 !