Crunchy Good

Etched in Bone  - Anne Bishop

Fast and dirty-Meg becomes a humanal and humans can be horrible.
Meg has had such a hard time adjusting to an outside life. She has massive scars inside and out, many she will never recover from. She is human but not like the other humans. Finding a place where she can be comfortable to be alive in a constant struggle but she is finding a path and it’s not one traveled before. Love, is something she never considered, and when feelings come she fumbles and struggles with them.
Simon has a deep bond to this human but not girl. Is it more than his need to protect her, could it ever be more ? Poor Simon , he really has so much to deal with in this book.
The Elders set about judging, and finalizing their cleansing from the last book. They are watching always watching, but not always the best judges.

The relative that is like a black plague. We all have one. They manipulate, gossip, disrupt and make being related to them horrendous. Montgomery has the ring leader relative, his brother Jimmy. Jimmy couldn’t be any worse, and his black soul leeches out. There is nothing he isn’t willing to destroy to make his life easier.

I love Meg Simon, Sam, Skippy, Henry, Tess, Vlad, the Elders.. all of them except two which I completely HATE. Two despicable characters, but one is the turd topping on the turd pile, Jimmy. Oh don’t think me too harsh till you get to know him. I adore the beings in this world and when somebody messes with them they are messing with my friends. That is the kind of book Anne Bishop writes, she pulls me in makes me a part of her world.

That was the last book in Meg and Simon’s story ? Say it isn’t so, Anne Bishop. I didn’t get a resolved feeling. I wanted to see the follow through, the bing bang, or a puppy ? I need more, that did not feel like a rap up !