She Made Me Laugh and Cry

Make 'Em Laugh: Short-Term Memories of Longtime Friends - Debbie Reynolds;Dorian Hannaway, Debbie Reynolds

Audiobook- excellent narration
Debbie Reynolds just passed away just hours after her daughter left this world. The two of them had a strong bond, beyond blood. I was named after Debbie, she was my mother's idol when she was young, everything she wanted to be. I wanted to know this person who inspired my mother so I grabbed this for a peek of who this woman was.
Debbie Reynolds was a strong independent woman who alway held her head high, and never forgot she was just a human. She was funny, with an off center sense of humor. She traveled with the royalty of Hollywood and is honest about her feelings about them. I was surprised by many of these famous personalities, it was nice to see the person see got to know not the publicized version. Most were better than expected a couple were complete jerks, but that's the way it goes.
I laughed, chuckled, and felt sorrow as she told some of her most memorable moments. It was so bittersweet, knowing this was just 2 years ago and she was so alive. I recommend this to anyone who wants to remember the days of old and an interesting lady.