A Nice Audiobook Retelling

When Beauty Tamed the Beast [ WHEN BEAUTY TAMED THE BEAST ] by James, Eloisa ( Author) on Feb, 01, 2011 Mass Market Paperbound - Eloisa James

April 2012

Audio- wonderful tale of love lust and anger. The beast is a young Doctor with daddy issues and a physical injury that left him with a bad leg. He roars around yelling at all and happy with none. The beauty is of course a beauty that was used for her looks and tossed out of the Ton because of pregnancy rumors. She is shipped off the the beast in an arranged marriage to give him an heir and her a husband to save her from ruin.
Their tale is filled with anger, snarky humor, lust and stubbornness. They are beautiful together, even at the worst. The supporting characters fit well and bring laughter to the right moments. We all know the tale of beauty and the beast, and still there are many surprises here. Not to be missed for a romantic, historical fairy tale.