Pizza Camp Was a Bust

Pizza Camp: Recipes from Pizzeria Beddia - Joe Beddia

Pizza Camp
The publisher sent me a revised copy with recipes so I've been working on the them. I started with the crust, if you don't have a good crust the whole pie is "blech". I make pizza from scratch every week I have a crust that I am very happy with but I know could be better, someday. This crust recipe the ingredients, the flour is different it uses bread flour, where I use unbleached all purpose. That is the only real difference ingredient wise, the other difference was the time. Mr. Beddia's crust slow rises over night in the fridge, mine sits on the counter for 2-4 hours. I made my recipe and his recipe and tested them on my regular pizza party friends. I added fresh rosemary to the dough, it's what I like. So the results were divided, 4 liked his better 3 liked mine better. His crust was a bit tougher, chewier.mine was lighter with a crunchier edge. I liked his slightly better but I am not sure it's worth taking up the fridge space over night. Below is my photo, the toppings were fresh Bella mushrooms, soyriso, onions and fresh mozzarella

I am working my way through the sauces, so far they are all very yums (technical term). I am not sold on anchovies no matter what he says about the taste. NOPE. I think this is a good basic pizza book for the home cook, it gives you all you need to go explore the flavors that work for you.