Grit and Bits for GaryVee

#AskGaryVee: One Entrepreneur's Take on Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awareness - Gary Vaynerchuk

Good short bits on Gary's take on business life and more. There is something for everyone in these pages. I admire his direct approach to life/business, his honesty and his drive, and enjoyed almost every part of the book. Yes, there were chapters that dealt with things in life I have zero interest in, so I shimmied through them. Even with dancing through, not paying much attention I think something stuck, I've been thinking about investing, weird.
I was not a GaryVee-fangirl before reading this I had only seen two of his videos, but his presence left a memory that had me picking this book up and paying for more. I did the right thing, I learned somethings about myself and how I do things from his stories. That is a win. Yeh, I may be a fangirl for him now. His take on complaining ! HIGH 5^ GV !!!! If you like him buy the book, if you don't like him buy the book, if you've never heard of him buy the book, if you don't I don't care. See it's easy, just don't complain about your choice.