Short and SImple

The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well - Meik Wiking


Great narration 

Hygge the way of zen like living for the Danish.  This little book is filled with sensible easy t follow techniques to give your moments more meaning. Light a candle, cuddle under a blanket, play board game with friends, and much more. It's about living life in the moment, simply. There isn't any hard written rule, or steps to follow it's just a path of gratitude and being present. There are a few recipes, and ideas, but mostly it's about the way the Danish have found their happy place in their world. Did I learn a lot from the book, no. Did I enjoy listening to the wonderful voice of the narrator, yes. I did learn a few things and maybe I'll take time to light a few more candles and have more game nights. I was pleased to find that I do practice many of the ways to Hygge that the book talked about. Who would have though I'm touch Hygge girl. 

This would make a great gift book for friends loved ones or co workers