Realistic Historical Fiction

Salt to the Sea - Ruta Sepetys

Audiobook, excellent narration
Intense survival historical fiction- be ready for some deep feels
A young adult novel that transports the reader to a horrendous time in history. It is the story of four fictional individuals evacuating/escaping during World War II who make their way to the ill-fated
doomed Wilhelm Gustloff the greatest sea disasters of all time. The individuals the story follows are Polish, Lithuanian, Prussian, and ? each has secrets, each different reasons for running. The Germans and Russians, the torture and abuse they did these people is semi cleansed making it suitable for younger or sensitive readers. I will warn you this is not a HEA type read it touches on the realistic fate of most refugees and the ship disaster. There is one sociopath German that is truly frightening.
I loved walking along with this group of people, the shoe poet was my personal favorite. His tales and warmth were amazing. I really enjoyed it and learned of a historical event I hadn't heard of before.