An Excellent Escape and Love Story

A Court of Wings and Ruin - Sarah J. Maas

Just what I needed. Life has been striking some hard blows recently and this was just the escape I needed. It was easy to escape into this magical world once again, to attach myself to these wonderful characters. There is a lot of growth, personally and magically between friends, lovers and frenemies. Some reveals that fit in well with their development. The last two hundred pages gave my a sleepless night and worry lines. Rhys and Feyre are a fabulous couple, solid to the end, no games, no cheating, no drama, just love. That is so rare and appreciated by this reader.
Negatives ? I really didn't have any just a few parts that felt unfinished. There was a reveal that I didn't really get the why of yet, hopefully there will be more story on it in the next book. The other couples, I was a bit frustrated that's all I'm saying. LOL
I can't wait for the next books to see where this goes