Good For PreTeens

Girl out of Water - Laura Silverman

Audiobook- good narration
Young 17 years old surfer girl from California just starting to fall for her surfer pal Eric in Santa Cruz is forced to land loving Nebraska for her senior year summer. She suffers from culture shock, lose of friends, familiar grounds and activities. Her days once filled with waves and friends now are filled with, her cousins care after her aunt was hurt in and car accident. There she faces her fears of becoming like her mother who abandoned her and her dad. While in Nebraska she learn a lot about her self her family and the meaning of friendship.
I liked this story for the family tie theme most of all. It showed an unselfish dedication rarely seen in entertainment. Her struggles with her mother, boyfriends and friends was well written. It came across as a little to PC preachy at times to me, but might not to the younger crowd it was aimed at. There is a character with one arm that is danced around then faced honestly. I enjoyed it, but would recommend it for the preteen reader.