Pirates, Mermaids, Sea Monsters and more

Deadmen Walking: A Deadman's Cross Novel - Sherrilyn Kenyon, Holter Graham

3.5 stars
Pirates, Sea Monsters, Mermen, Sprites and many more.
Overwhelming and confusing at times, many new types of beings, powers, worlds and add a new history and you have a lot to digest. This first book in Ms. Kenyon spin off series is all about the world building and it is a complicated world as I've found her others to be. I would have loved an illustrated guide to keep the visual and background of these characters in order. The new characters were amazing, the merman/mermaid my favorite of all I love her design on the mythical beast. Really an illustrated guide would have been awesome.
Thorn from her Dark Hunter series is featured in this new series, he is the lead of these Deadmen. Deadmen, pirates who sail the seas sending demon/wicked/evil back to where they should be. The Deadmen are all second chance wrongdoers looking for some form of redemption from their fate. This book focuses on one couple, the Captain and his lady. Their past combines and lashes at them until blood is drawn and death is always waiting. Yeh that's all I'm giving you.
The book ended with a cliffhanger and my favorite character was the one hanging off the cliff but one slim finger. Now I'll be waiting forever to grab book 2 and see how they faired.