Meh minus

Playboy Pilot - Penelope Ward, Vi Keeland


2.5 ** Posible spoilers
Not my favorite by Keeland. The MC's just never won my heart. I liked the male Carter better than the female Kendall but either of them were likable for me. I also didn't like the side characters except for some senior citizens that had a minuscule part, and an B&B keeper. He was a sleep around guy in the extreme who suddenly changed his ways completely. Ah no. She was this super rich debutante who was willing to go poor so easily ? No. She was also so in love, puppy dog goggly eyes type of love and she just disappeared ? This after being so brutally honest before. No. Then after separating for such a long period on time it's on hot and hotter, except now he sort of disappears ? ARGUH ! Wishy Washy lust/love. No thanks