So Happy I Picked This Up

Company Town - Madeline Ashby
I am not going to tell you anything about the book. I read it blind on a recommendation and think it was better for it. it you enjoy science fiction with intense action and mystery give it a go.
I really enjoyed this unique little science fiction read. Great characters, a world that was fresh and exciting, and a mystery that I didn't figure out till it was revealed. The relationships each of the character had with each other was so different it was a touch off putting at first but soon became normal for this world in my mind. This would make a fabulous movie, it was so visually written.
The story is filled with twists and turns that I didn't even know where twists till towards the end. When it was finally pieced together I was practically a drooling bag of goo from the intensity or the actions that lead to that point. Seriously I did get hot and a touch sweaty on the brow. I wish there was a book 2 I could see a future worth knowing at the end.
Okay the author is a foodie, a glorious one too. She mentioned Cioppino and Fainting Iman, the first is my # Fav food the second I'll be making very soon. So I loved her book and her taste in food , double winner. Yep, she is going on my must read author list