She dragged her Secret Around too Long

Sweet Little Lies: A Heartbreaker Bay Novel - Jill Shalvis

Honesty is a big important point in a relationship for me and this chick couldn't do it.
The story was good the characters were great except the female MC Pru. What a soggy piece of bread she was. Wishy washy, I'll do tomorrow what I should do today type. She played with other people's lives, put herself in someones life in a dishonest way and just kept making excuses not to be upfront and honest. Sure she was giving, and kind and gave up nearly everything to make up for her parents crime. But when it came to telling one man, one thing, she got all selfish ? Pffiiitt ! She blamed on her needy body. Whatever. She killed a star on the rating for me.
The rest of the cast were excellent varied people with quirky traits. I look forward to more from them, Jake most of all. Jake is a wheeling, hard body, with a huge thick streak of honor.