Fun and Games in Love

The Hating Game: A Novel - Sally Thorne

Loved this audiobook, the story and narration were wonderful. This is the perfect little fun romance I smiled and laughed out loud embarrassing myself more than normal.
Love and hate in the work place. Josh is a wonderful jerk-ish man with issues, a sharp edged personality, a super hot body, a nightmarish family drama-rama and patience. Lucy is a short little spitfire of personality, brains and drive. She is brutally honest when many would shy away, she is loyal, bold and unwavering in her goals. Two fantastic people who hate each other and we all now how close love is to hate. < wink >
The sexual tension is so hot it made my headphones sizzle and smoke. The author dragged the lusting out there is no insta sex/love. It was frustraiting in all the right ways.
I will be adding this author to my authors to watch list. I need more like this.