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White Hot -  Ilona Andrews

Andrews' ?!!?!??! How could you end it like that ? Wicked, pure wicked and I loved it. I did mutter some not kind words at the time, sorry. I actually went back to check that I hadn't forgot to download the whole audio, twice. I was in shock at the time. Once again WICKED ! LOL If you have not read this, get book 3  Wildfire before you start this there is one smack down cliffhanger ending that will leave you screaming for answers.

You want to know about the book ? No, read it, don't ruin it with snippets or spoiler reviews. You know it is action packed, Mad Rogan and Nevada couldn't handle less. You know it is sexy, hello, Mad and Nevada, chemistry plus. You also know that there are twisty twists that will keep you up all night reading, so load up on coffee before starting. I'll give you a little something, everything in the story evolves. There now you feel informed, go buy the books and enjoy.

Mad Rogan is mine FYI :D